FAME presents a variety of programs that promote educator skill development through reflection, peer observation, large group learning and faculty learning communities. The majority of programs are taught by faculty subject matter experts within The Ohio State University College of Medicine, including Nationwide Children’s Hospital. In addition to programs we produce, we connect educators to the wide variety of local, regional, national and international development opportunities. We promote innovation and the scholarship of medical education to advance the methods and effectiveness of teaching, evaluation, assessment and curricular design.


Exemplary medical education leads to best patient and societal health outcomes. Our mission is to promote the professional development of health professions educators to create a cadre of highly effective, innovative educators who provide high value to learners and ultimately their patients

FAME Education Development Program Steering Committee

  • Dan McFarlane, MD, Course Director, Educator Development Program
  • John Mahan, MD, FAME Director for Education
  • Larry Hurtubise, Associate Director, MA Program
  • Anand Khurma, Associate Director for Educational Technology, Office of Curriculum and Scholarship
  • Amanda Start, PhD, Education Resource Specialist, Office of Curriculum and Scholarship
  • Nicki Verbeck, Education Resource Specialist, Office of Curriculum and Scholarship

Ex-officio Members

  • Philip Binkley, MD, MPH, Director, Center for FAME, Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Heather Brod, Executive Director, Center for FAME
  • Debbie Pond, Program Manager, Center for FAME
  • Emma Tippett, Program Coordinator, Center for FAME
Current Programs

Current Programs

Education programs and resources

Education programs and resources

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