Our Faculty Career Acceleration Program (FCAP) is designed to help new faculty at The Ohio State University College of Medicine learn about themselves, their learning styles, personality traits and strengths. This five session series will increase the new facultys' capacity to align with culture, equip faculty with self-assessments and strategies to perform well and proactively address potential stumbling blocks.

The FCAP program is a sequential approach to improve the success rate of faculty who are newly promoted or in a new role. FCAP outcomes include:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the foundations for a successful transition
  • Enhance capability of faculty to fully contribute faster to their new roles
  • Equip faculty with strategies to perform and succeed
  • Identify strengths and opportunities
  • Determine goals and potential barriers
  • Enhance strategy and leadership

FCAP Program Requirements

FCAP meets for five face-to-face half day sessions. Certificates are awarded to all participants who complete the program.

How to apply for FCAP

Selection Process: This cohort of new faculty is appointment by their respective chairs and is limited to 50 members per year. Emails go out to the departments in early summer and this five-month program begins in the fall.

View current and past participants

For any questions, you can contact us at FAME@osumc.edu.

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