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College Assembly

College Assembly is the primary governance body of the College of Medicine. It is comprised of all the Department Chairs, the primary Center/Institute Directors, and ten representatives from the Faculty Council. The Dean of the College of Medicine runs the meetings, which occur on the third Wednesday of every month from 7:30-9:00am in 234 Meiling Hall.

The College Assembly's primary function is to vote on academic matters that come before the Assembly. For instance, the creation of new departments, changes to existing degree programs, and the governance documents of the College are all discussed, and voted on for approval, by the College Assembly. Meetings also inform College leaders of what is going on in the College so they may take that information back to their faculty.

Ideally all College policy and programmatic decisions will be made with input by faculty of the College.  This input will be achieved through consultation with the College of Medicine Assembly and with standing or special committees of the faculty.  In addition, in order to solicit broad faculty involvement of the faculty, issues of academic policy that pertain to faculty members including, but not limited to, issues that relate to faculty promotions, tenure, probationary periods, and faculty tracks will also require a vote of the regular faculty in each department.  In order to implement policy changes as described above, the approval by a simple majority of the regular faculty in two thirds of the tenure initiating units in the College of Medicine will be required.  In addition to the issues described above, there may be additional issues on which consultation with the faculty in the departments is desirable.  Issues will also be submitted for vote by the faculty in the department upon the request of two-thirds (7/10) of the faculty council representatives to the College Assembly.  The College will operate on the principle that the more important the issue to be decided, the more extensive the agreement on a decision needs to be.  Open and widely shared discussion, both formal and informal, will constitute the primary method of reaching agreement on basic decisions. Ultimately, however, the Dean of the College of Medicine must retain responsibility for final decisions or recommendations to University administration. 

The above paragraph is taken from the College's primary governance document, the Patterns of Administration. This document outlines the policies and procedures of the College of Medicine.