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About us

What we do

The Office of Curriculum and Scholarship offers a variety of services to the College of Medicine:

  • Program Evaluation: Collecting and analyzing data to study the effectiveness and efficacy of educational programs.
  • Curriculum Development: Conducting needs assessments and literature reviews to support faculty in new curricular offerings.
  • Medical Education Research: Presenting and publishing educational program outcomes.
  • Instructional Design: Developing teaching and learning objects to help our teachers to teach and our learners to learn.
  • Educational Technology: Supporting classroom and personal technology to ensure our teachers and learners have the tools they need.

Who we are

Maureen Cavalcanti, PhD, is the Director of OCS, providing project management oversight and leading the team in curricular and scholarly endeavors with faculty. She has 10+ years of experience in STEM education including curriculum design, educational research, and teaching. Most recently, she served as an Education Resource Specialist for OCS. Dr. Cavalcanti earned her BS in Mathemathics and MEd at UCLA. She earned her PhD in Education Sciences with an emphasis in STEM Education from the University of Kentucky. She serves on education and analytics related committees as part of her affiliation with the AAMC. 
Maureen.Cavalcanti@osumc.edu​; (614) 685-1736

Anand Khurma, MA, is the Associate Director of Educational Technology. He provides leadership for and management of the integration of innovative instructional design and technology within the medical education curriculum to support quality instruction and learning. He has over fourteen years' experience in instructional design and project management focused on the development and support of technology-enhanced, blended and online programs. Mr. Khurma earned his BA in Communication and MEd from Ohio State. 
Anand.Khurma@osumc.edu; 614-685-5381

Emily McCartney, MA, is the Program Coordinator and an effective single point of contact for questions related to College of Medicine events, medical education research, and educational technologies. Mrs. McCartney has more than five years' experience in higher education including program coordination, curriculum development and instruction, and event planning. She holds a BA in Communication from TCU and a MA in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State.
Emily.Mccartney@osumc.edu​; (614) 292-0018

Deborah Lan, PhD, is an Education Resource Specialist who conducts program evaluation and works with faculty on medical education research and scholarship. Dr. Lan brings her experiences with program evaluations of STEM classroom interventions and specializes in research design, quantitative methodologies, and mixed method research studies to the team. She earned her PhD in Teaching and Learning with a specialization in Science Education from Ohio State.
Deborah.Lan@osumc.edu; (614) 685-4585

Amanda Start, PhD, is an Education Resource Specialist who conducts program evaluation and works with faculty on medical education research and scholarship. Dr. Start has experience obtaining research funding, designing and conducting program evaluations, and developing curricula for academic and professional audiences. She earned her PhD in Education with a specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Idaho.
Amanda.Start@osumc.edu; (614) 293-7140

Nicki Verbeck, MPH, is an Education Resource Specialist who conducts program evaluation and works with faculty on medical education research and scholarship. Mrs. Verbeck has worked in the field of medical education for over ten years. Her experience includes serving as an independent evaluator, developing educational programming, mentoring faculty through the research process, providing study design recommendations, conducting statistical analysis, and collaborating on presentations and publications. She earned her Master's Degree in Public Health from The Ohio State University and holds certification in Medical Education Research from the American Association of Medical Colleges. 
Nicole.Verbeck@osumc.edu​; (614) 685-1742

Todd Isler, BA, is the Manager of the Office of Mobile Services. Todd is responsible for implementation of iPad technology, lecture capture, access to the Epic medical record, and a host of other related technologies and services as they relate to the medical student curriculum. He organizes technology orientations for incoming and transitioning students, acts as liaison between end users and the larger IT support groups, and test and evaluates resources to ensure seamless integration of technology. Todd received his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Ohio State in 2006 and has been in his current role since 2009. 
Todd.Isler@osumc.edu; (614) 366-6879

Adam McCash, MA, is an Instructional Designer. He supports the College of Medicine by assisting faculty and staff with designing and developing instructional content including videos, interactive e-learning modules, infographics, and printable resources. He has 10+ years of experience in collaborating and innovating with faculty and subject matter experts, including teaching in higher education and coporate training. He earned a BA in English Literature from Cleveland State University and a MA in English Literature from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. 
Adam.McCash@osumc.edu; (614) 366-1351

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