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Program Evaluation


OCS is committed to promoting continuous quality improvement (CQI) in the College of Medicine (COM) by applying data-driven approaches to examine the effectiveness and efficacy of educational activity (e.g., curriculum). Education Resource Specialists (ERS) work with faculty stakeholders to conduct program evaluation using statistical software and data visualization tools. Program evaluation allows stakeholders (i.e., faculty and administration) to determine program quality and effectiveness related to established internal (e.g., LSI) and external (accreditation) standards. In doing so, faculty and leadership, in collaboration with ERSs, inform actionable insights for educational programs that contribute to CQI efforts. Faculty can utilize OCS services at any phase in the program evaluation process. Services typically include 

  • Identifying the scope of the program evaluation effort (e.g., what is being evaluated? what are intended outcomes? how will actionable insights be used?) 
  • Determining key performance indicators 
  • Performing data analyses 
  • Reporting results using appropriate data visualization 
  • Interpreting the results of data analytics to inform actionable insights 

To schedule a consultation with an Education Resource Specialist, please submit a request here​. ​​​​​​For general inquiries regarding yoru research interests, email ocs@osumc.edu.

A full description of our educational research and program evaluation services, including our scope of work (capabilities), collaborations, and project prioritization (capacity) can be found here: research services.docxresearch services.docx.