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Instructional Design

“How do we make it more likely – by our design – that more students really understand what they are asked to learn?” Wiggins & McTighe (1998)

We define instructional design as a systematic and intentional process used to develop information, resources, and activities that successfully accomplish a defined goal. Medical educators can look at the instructional design/redesign process as an opportunity to think about how students are organizing and retaining information. 

We’re here to help you accomplish your instructional goals.


  • design a new course, training program, class session(s)
  • improve a current offering with a redesign
  • brainstorm ideas for creating a new teaching-learning moment
  • make learning more engaging for my students
  • use technology to enhance my teaching​

Schedule a 1:1 consult with us today: edtech@osumc.edu

We use the backwards design approach to drive our instructor consults with you. Promoted and supported by the University Center for Advancement of Teaching and the Office of Distance Education and eLearning, backwards design is a way for faculty to design a course based on assessments that are designed to show evidence that students have achieved the course goals.


Backwards design begins with defining participant-based goals, followed by identifying observable and measurable learning objectives, designing specific learning activities that align with objectives and finally showing the connections among the various components of the course.

From idea to implementation, our team is here to help you. We will even do some of the heavy lifting with the educational technology that supports your endeavor. 


University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) Course Design Institute: The UCAT Course Design Institute (CDI) is an intensive five-part workshop in which instructors, with hands-on guidance from UCAT staff, focus on designing or redesigning a specific course. The CDI provides participants with the tools, time, and support they need as they work to build or rebuild effective, student-centered courses. For more information or to apply for an upcoming CDI, visit the UCAT Course Design Institute website​.