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Faculty Handbook



The College of Medicine has a wealth of resources to assist its faculty members in their day to day careers and in overall career advancement and achievement.  In addition, there are a variety of policies and guidelines that have been created to assure the high quality and integrity of the University, the College and its faculty. It is difficult to compile the diverse opportunities and facilities of the College in one document, but this document serves as a guide post to finding many of the most important resources, documents, and guidelines, all of which are available online.  As you explore the available resources, you will inevitably discover others and thus grow your own list of resources that add to those in this handbook.

It is hoped that this handbook will aid all faculty members in pursuing the mission of the Wexner Medical Center which is, “Dedicated to Creating the Future of Medicine to Improve People’s Lives” and the shared vision of its members which is, “working as a team, we will shape the future of medicine by creating, disseminating and applying new knowledge, and by personalizing health care to meet the needs of each individual.”

I.                    Organization and Administration

a.       OSUWMC Values​

b.      OSU Office of Health Science Organization Chart

c.       Wexner Medical Center Organization Chart

                                                              i.      OSUWMC Leadership

d.      College of Medicine Organization Chart

                                                              i.      College of Medicine Leadership

                                                            ii.      College of Medicine Departments and Organizations

II.                  OneSource: Our Intranet, Your Portal to Information

III.                Key Rules, Policies and Procedures Resources for Faculty

a.       Faculty Rules: Board of Trustees​

b.      University Faculty Policies and Procedures, Office of Academic Affairs

                                                              i.      Policies and Procedures Handbook

                                                            ii.      Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

                                                          iii.      Policy on Faculty Professional Leave

                                                           iv.      Policy on Paid External Consulting

1.       Paid External Consulting Approval Form

                                                             v.      Policy on Faculty Conflict of Commitment

                                                           vi.      Policy on Faculty Financial Conflict of Interest

c.       College of Medicine Governance

                                                              i.      College of Medicine Patterns of Administration

                                                            ii.      College Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure Document

d.      College of Medicine Faculty Policies

                                                              i.      Teaching Policies:

1.       Faculty / Student Policies

2.       Teaching Requirement

                                                            ii.      Faculty Effort Policies:

1.       Faculty Workload Policy

2.       Supplementary Compensation Policy

3.       Effort on Grants Policy

e.      HR Policies

f.        Research Policies

g.       Medical Staff Bylaws​

h.      Hospital Policies (PolicyTech)​

i.        Compliance Guidelines

IV.                Faculty Development

a.       Faculty Tracks

b.      Center for Faculty Advancement, Mentoring and Engagement

c.       Calendar of Events

d.      Career Development Resources

e.      Mentoring

f.        Online Faculty Development: FD4ME​

g.       Center for Continuing Medical Education

h.        Form for Exclusion of Time from Probationary Period

i.        Form for Notification of Birth or Adoption

j.       Faculty Annual Review Policy

k.        Prior Health Sciences Library

V.                  Employment Benefits

a.       Life Events

b.      Your Plan for Health

VI.                Faculty Complaints

a.       Faculty Ombudsman

      VIII.              Faculty in Crisis

                  a.       Faculty/Staff Assistance Program
                  b.    Guide to Disruptive or Distressed Individuals