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The Department Chairperson is responsible for performing annual evaluations of all faculty members and providing clear expectations about performance goals. Annual raises and overall compensation are extremely important to all individuals, and therefore can be the source of dissatisfaction. Compensation models within the college are complex and variable with some salary provided through university funds, and other compensation provided from clinical practice plans (which are outside the university). Therefore depending on the department, concerns regarding compensation may need to be directed to multiple entities (i.e. the academic department and the practice corporation).

Annual raises are determined by the department chairman in the context of overall productivity and accomplishment toward the goals of the department and the college, and in relation to goals established during the previous annual review. In general the university establishes the extent of raises available on the university component of the salary each year. Changes in any practice plan compensation are determined according to procedures established by the practice plan. In the event that a faculty member disagrees with the evaluation and resulting salary increase, appeal should be made directly to the department chair. Departments and practice plans have administrative policies and procedures that define how salary appeals are evaluated. This information can be obtained from the Departmental Patterns of Administration, and/or in the bylaws of the practice plan (if appropriate). Issues regarding the practice plan salary component must be resolved within the mechanisms provided by the practice plan. There is no appeal to the department, college, or university regarding practice plan compensation.

If the departmental appeal regarding annual raises on the university compensation does not resolve the matter, the faculty member may bring an appeal to the College Grievance and Appeals Committee. This committee is charged to evaluate complaints regarding administrative decisions that cannot be resolved at the departmental level. An attempt must be made to resolve the issue at the department level prior to requesting consideration by the Grievance and Appeals Committee. Requests to bring an issue to the Grievance and Appeals Committee are initiated through the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs. There is no appeal regarding annual salary increases at the University level.

The University's compensation policy describes the principles of faculty compensation and describes mechanisms for equity adjustments and off-duty compensation.