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Each tenure-initiating unit (TIU) within the College of Medicine (i.e. the Departments and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences), must have a written Appointment, Promotion and Tenure document that describes the unit’s criteria for the award of tenure and promotion to the ranks of associate professor and professor, and of the evidence that must be provided in support of such actions.

The College has established criteria for promotion and tenure: teaching, research/scholarship, program development, and service. It is up to each TIU to define (1) a definition of what the criteria in each of those four areas includes; (2) how the evidence for each of the criteria will be documented and assessed; and (3) the evidence necessary to demonstrate how each of the criteria can be met. In regard to these factors, it is the candidate’s overall level of accomplishment that is under consideration.

Furthermore, in evaluating a candidate’s qualifications in teaching, scholarship, and service, reasonable flexibility shall be exercised, balancing, where required, heavier commitments and responsibilities in one area of performance against lighter commitments and responsibilities in another. In all instances, superior intellectual attainment is an essential qualification for promotion to tenured faculty positions. Insistence upon this standard for continuing members of the faculty is necessary for the maintenance and enhancement of the university as an institution dedicated to the discovery and transmission of knowledge.