Assistant Professor, Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics
Assistant Professor, Human Cancer Genetics Program

Research Interests

Molecular genetic and Biology of solid neoplasm.

As a pathologist and molecular biologist I strongly believe that the best fight against cancer is waged at the molecular level. At every stage of my research career I have been motivated by the desire to understand the molecular and biological basis of cancer and to use the acquired knowledge to combat this deadly disease. I feel that the translation of basic science into therapeutic applications requires three equally important steps. First, we need to discover the genes, which have the potential to participate in the development and progression of human cancers. Second, we must characterize the function of these genes and the roles they play in the evolution of disease. Finally, it is critical that we translate this information into practical clinical therapies in a timely manner in order to prevent and treat cancer. I was a vital part of the research team that discovered a novel tumor suppressor gene FEZ1/LZTS1, and I have since worked to elucidate its role in the progression of solid malignancies. More recently I developed a mouse model of this gene that will be an important tool to study cancer etiology and resistance to anticancer therapy.

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