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Amal Amer, MD, PhD


Professor, Microbial Infection and Immunity

Courtesy appointment: 
Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Contact information:​
706 Biomedical Research Tower (BRT)
460 W 12th Ave, Columbus OH 43210
Phone: (614) 247-1566

Research Interests

Dr. Amer's laboratory focuses on innate immune response of macrophages to Legionella pneumophila and Burkholderia cenocepacia, microbial pathogenesis, host-pathogen interaction, autophagy, NOD-like receptors, non-apoptotic functions of caspases and the inflammasome complex.

​​Laboratory:  750 Biomedical Research Tower, 614-292-9854


​Arwa Abu Khweek ​Postdoctoral Researcher ​arwa.abukhweek@osumc.edu
​Midhun Anne ​Research Associate ​midhunnagakesav.anne@osumc.edu

Asmaa Badr

Graduate Student


Dan Baetzhold



​Kylie Daily ​Graduate Student ​daily.190@osu.edu
​Shady Estfanous Visiting Scholar​ shady.estfanous@osumc.edu
​Kaitlin Hamilton Graduate Student hamilton.1120@osu.edu

Kathrin Krause

Postdoctoral Researcher