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Learning Communities


Principles: MD/PhD students in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) will be incorporated into the OSU Medical School Learning Community Program to the fullest extent possible.  Some modifications of the Program will be necessary in order to accommodate the unique and individualized schedules of these students.

Phase I:  At the start of Medical School, each MSTP student will be assigned to a Learning Community along with colleagues who are first year students in the LSI Curriculum.  The MSTP students will participate in the regular sessions of this Community for the next two years (Med I, Med II or Part 2 (LSI Curriculum)). During the subsequent two years, MSTP students are encouraged to continue meeting with that group. However, realizing that the meeting times will sometimes conflict with other commitments to the MSTP program attendance is not required.   After the remainder of the group graduates, the MSTP students will no longer attend Learning Community sessions until the academic year in which return to clinical rotations is anticipated as Med III/Part 2 students.


Phase II:  Each MSTP student will be assigned to a new Learning Community at the start of the academic year in which return to clinical rotations is anticipated. The new Learning Community will consist of other students who are also beginning Med III/Part 2.  MSTP students who are not entering clinics until later in that academic year will still begin attending Learning Community sessions at the same time as their new colleagues (i.e., at the start of that academic year).


Special Consideration:  If possible, an effort will be made to assign MSTP students to Learning Communities led by selected faculty members who may be more familiar with the unique aspects of the their program—i.e., physician-scientists.