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Pelatonia 2016


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MSTP Summer Retreat 2016

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MSTP Winter Retreat 2016


Winter Retreat Organizing Committee

MSTP Alumnus Chadwick Wright, MD, PhD - Keynote Speaker

Pelotonia 2015
MSTP Pelotonia team2 2015.jpg
Dr. Kirschner, Ansel Nalin, Lucy Chen, Kavin Fatehchand, Amanda Campbell

Honduras Trip 2014
The student-led inititiative, PODEMOS, strives to provide essential primary care services to marginalized communities in Honduras, and valuable educational experience to its student participants at 
The Ohio State University

Honduras Trip - MSTP students (2014).png
Samantha Ohmer, Russell Ault, Ed Briercheck, Nick Zorko

Pelotonia 2014

Dr. Kirschner, Aaron Victor, Stephen Bergin, Steven Scoville, Andrew Stiff, Muhtadi Islam, & Kyle Beckwith

Summer Retreat 2014

The Larry Winner - Youjin Cho

Winter Retreat 2014

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2013 Pelotonia 
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Dr. Kirschner, Ed Briercheck, Steven Scoville, Adam Bevan, Muhtadi Islam 

2013 Joint Retreat with Case Western Reserve at Mohican State Park
Group Photo

2013 Joint Retreat with Case Western Reserve at Mohican State Park
Sankalp Malhotra presents

2013 Joint Retreat wiith Case Western Reserve at Mohican State Park
Dylan Nielson is awarded "The Larry"

2013 Research Day Allan Yates Memorial Speaker Series
Joseph Ostler

2013 Research Day Travel Award Winners
Edward Briercheck, Bin Ni, and Nima Milani-Nejad

MSTP 2012 Research Day Travel Award Winners 

Richard Price, Dean Lockwood, and Patrick Grierson

Adam Bevan Presenting during Research Day 2012  


2012 APSA Conference

Dylan Nielson, John Frater, Marilyn, and Stephen Bergin

2011 Annual MSTP Retreat


 Pelotonia 2011

Edward Briercheck, Dr. Lawrence Kirschner, Nicholas Zorko, and Patrick Grierson.


Edward Briercheck