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OSU Med and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Med into Grad Program  


The Ohio State University
The College of Medicine at The Ohio State University recently merged many of its graduate programs into a single Integrated Biomedical Science Graduate Program (IBGP) to encourage faculty and students to use interdisciplinary approaches to understand human diseases. The University’s new HHMI-supported Med into Grad program will take advantage of that by pulling students from six basic science graduate areas—genetics, microbial pathogenesis, neurosciences, mathematical biology and biomedical informatics, RNA biology, and biomedical engineering—from the colleges of Medicine, Engineering, and Mathematics and Applied Sciences. These students will start with the IBGP curriculum, which will help integrate their studies with parts of the medical curriculum. By training these students in a single program, the university hopes they will develop new ways to understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat human diseases. The students will study human development, translational research and ethics, and observe doctors and patients in clinical settings. Graduate students in the program will participate in some of the same courses as medical students – providing another opportunity for both groups of students to understand how scientists and clinicians tackle medical problems from different perspectives.  To see other Grad Grantees in this program go to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute website. To read how to apply for this program see the College of Medicine Research Trainee/Graduate Programs website


Posted on 15-Jan-10 by Baker, Phyllis
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