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Three SAMP Faculty Receive AHEC Faculty Community Engagement Grants 


Three $5,000 AHEC Faculty Community Engagement Grants were awarded to faculty in The Ohio State University’s School of Allied Medical Professions (SAMP) and College of Nursing. In addition, three OSU medical student organizations received $1000 AHEC Student Activities Grants for their community outreach projects.


Rosemary Chaudry, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing, OSU College of Nursing, along with the help of Evelyn Van Til, representative for the Weinland Park Food & Wellness Committee, and Susan Colbert, OSU Extension, received an AHEC Faculty Community Engagement Grant to create the, “Fun, Food, and Fitness in Weinland Park” program.  Their goal with this program is to encourage healthy habits through interactive lessons in cooking, exercise, and general health education.


Sarah Varekojis, PhD, and Georgianna Sergakis, PhD, RRT, in SAMP’s Respiratory Therapy Division and Crystal Dunlevy, EdD, saw the need to address the issue of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, and created a program, “Health Promotion and Disease Management for COPD at the Hilltop YMCA.” COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the only major disease increasing in prevalence and mortality. With the help of SAMP students at OSU, Varekojis and other health professionals will be conducting COPD screenings and providing the necessary resources for their patients to reach recovery.


Margaret Teaford, PhD, a faculty member in SAMP’s Occupational Therapy Division, recognized the need for arthritis care in rural areas and created the program, “Using Healthcare Students in Arthritis Prevention and Management Program for Farmers.” She identified farmers as being one of the most high-risk populations in developing arthritis due to the physical nature of their work. SAMP students from OSU will travel to county fairs to provide the rural public with educational resources on arthritis prevention and management while healthcare professionals provide similar services at two rural hospitals.


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Posted on 10-Mar-11 by Fries, Sarah
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