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Health Sciences Career Fair 

At an annual spring career day held on OSU’s main campus, approximately 150 high school students, including students from Northland, Eastmoor and Fort Hayes, had an opportunity to learn about programs in the health sciences offered at Ohio State.
The School of Allied Medical Professions (SAMP) was among the participating colleges and schools, represented by approximately 40 students from nine divisions.
The 40 students acted out a skit showcasing each profession, emphasizing the teamwork and additional healthcare personnel needed to serve patients in various inpatient and outpatient settings. The high school students got to interact with SAMP students, engaging in activities that they would be able to do in professional practice, including the following:
-Range of motion (Physical Therapy)
-Adaptive eating equipment (Occupational Therapy)
-Pulse oximetry and bagging a patient (Respiratory Therapy)
-Assessing dietary needs and using a food diary (Medical Dietetics)
-Completing a needs assessment (Health Sciences)
The student representatives were enthusiastic about sharing information about their programs with the high schoolers. One commented, “I was very beneficial to [the high school students’] education. Not only did they get to learn about some new potential careers, but they had the opportunity to actually talk to current college students about their experiences.” Another remarked, “It was interactive and a great way to show the students how all of the allied med professions work together. It gave a lot of the students the opportunity to see many professions that they had never heard of.”

Posted on 5-May-11 by Fries, Sarah
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