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Dr. Linda Stone Receives OAFP Distinguished Service Award 



At the annual meeting of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP), Linda Stone, MD, Associate Professor Emeritus of Clinical Family Medicine, was honored with the 2011 Distinguished Service Award.  The Distinguished Service Award honors those who have distinguished themselves in service to the OAFP/F to its mission and to its programs.

After years of work as a practicing family physician and volunteer teacher on behalf of the Department of Family Medicine, Dr. Stone accepted a full-time position at the OSU College of Medicine in 2000 and later became the Predoctoral Education Director in 2002. Previously, Dr. Stone has acted as the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, President of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, Director of Medical Education, and was recently named the President of the Ohio State College of Medicine Alumni Association. Dr. Stone currently serves as the Associate Professor Emeritus of Clinical Family Medicine.

The following link, http://www.ohioafp.org/wfmu/index.php?issue=223&article=3410, provides a brief overview of Dr. Stone's many accomplishments as a family physician, as a faculty member in the Department of Family Medicine, as Associate Dean of Student Affairs in the College of Medicine, and as a member of the OAFP plus the AAFP.  Congratulations to Dr. Stone for this recent and significant award.


Posted on 10-Aug-11 by Geier, Eric
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