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Educators With Heart Fosters Positive Work Environment 


At The Ohio State University Medical Center and OSU College of Medicine, positive work relationships are vital in maintaining a successful, productive work environment. The Educators with Heart Program seeks to promote a more humanistic work environment, while strengthening relationships amongst co-workers.

Co-chairs Sean Bragg and Larry Hurtubise, along with supporters of the education mission, have collaborated to form interest groups within the program that help foster positive relationships between faculty members and staff. The interest groups, which include Sports Enthusiasts, Pet Interest, Food Enthusiast, College of Medicine Book Club, Creating a Humanistic Environment, Parenting Group, and the Website Work Group, provide social events and activities that offer staff and faculty members opportunities to meet new people and interact with fellow co-workers.

Another program developed under the Educators with Heart Program -- the Faces of Medical Education Project -- recognizes the contributions of faculty and their dedication to the education mission by sharing their personal stories.

Learn about Educators with Heart, their interest groups, and the Faces of Medical Education Project.




Posted on 9-Sep-11 by Maloon, Adam
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