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OSU Medical Center leaders chat about P4 Medicine on ONN 


Steven Gabbe and Clay Marsh were interviewed by the host of the Ohio Means Business program on Ohio News Network and discussed the elements of P4 medicine, how it will transform health care, barriers and challenges of implementation and recent successes in P4 medicine spearheaded by the Center for Personalized Health Care.

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OSU’s Center for Personalized Health Care (CPHC) is earning international distinction through its leadership in a novel approach to personalized healthcare known as P4 Medicine – predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine. P4 Medicine focuses on creating systems to deliver health care focused on bringing the right intervention or treatment to the right person at the right time to save money and improve outcomes. P4 Medicine will enable the delivery of key evidence-based practices to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes, and leverage the interface between an individual’s unique DNA, environment and behavior to promote health and wellness. P4 Medicine utilizes advances in genomics and molecular diagnostics to provide predictive information that is necessary to tailor, or personalize, disease-management approaches for each individual. Therapeutics and health management tools are being developed to help prevent disease instead of merely treating the symptoms. Medicine of the future will also be participatory. Patients will have access to a single portal that electronically stores their medical records and genetic profiles in addition to tools that analyze these data and provide precise strategies to promote wellness. In addition, social networking and the power of games are instrumental to engaging the consumer to taking ownership of their own health care.

Under the executive leadership of Dr. Clay Marsh, the CPHC advocates for the creation and implementation of a scalable system of healthcare. The result is a tailored approach to wellness, disease prevention and, when required, health care. The CPHC facilitates research, education, prevention and treatments designed to meet patients’ individual needs. Its missions are to create a pipeline for innovation and accelerate the application and dissemination of discovery to realize the promise of personalized health care/P4 Medicine, and to advocate for this approach locally, nationally and internationally.


Posted on 18-Jan-12 by Geier, Eric
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