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Clinical Skills Center Expansion: Training Tomorrows Physicians Using Advanced Technology 


9529-04.jpgThe quality of tomorrow’s medicine is the result of today’s investment in technology, resources and training. A cornerstone of clinical education at The Ohio State University, the Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center houses the most advanced equipment and simulators in a state-of-the-art facility designed to develop competent, caring healthcare professionals.

To accommodate the growing need for meeting patient-centered clinical education, the Center recently added 18,000 square feet of space on the newly-created sixth floor of Prior Hall, bringing the total space to 26,100 square feet.

A distinguishing feature of the Center is its integrated audiovisual system that allows for live streaming of educational events and digitally records encounters, storing them on a web-based server for later reference. The system makes it possible for trainees to review their own work and to receive comprehensive, constructive feedback from instructors and peers 24/7 and offers faculty the flexibility they need to incorporate student and resident assessment into their daily schedules.

Simulating Realistic Settings
Academic medical centers are increasingly focused on utilizing simulation to improve patient care by running realistic clinical scenarios. At Ohio State’s expanded Clinical Skills Center, trainees have an opportunity to practice and learn in a safe, controlled environment that simulates actual hospital and clinical settings.

The Virtual Surgery/OR Bay, for example, contains an actual gas and light boom, as well as a working head wall with gases and compressed air, similar to that found in an actual operating room. An observation corridor with one-way windows bordering the bay separates the simulator operator from the activity in the room, thus enhancing the sense of a “realistic” experience for the trainee.

In addition, the surgery bay, along with three other virtual critical care bays, bring together trainees from various disciplines (e.g., medicine, pharmacy, allied medicine, nursing, etc.) to work in interprofessional teams on patient scenarios, such as emergency care, surgeries, traumas or crisis management, simulating an actual experience for the trainees.

Clinical Skills Center Expansion Highlights
Small Group Labs
• 24/7 access to individual high-end trainers, including a virtual reality endoscopic simulator
• Virtual reality immersive room for avatars and “Second Life” interactions
• Spaces for small-group interac¬tions and debriefings following simulation sessions

Four Virtual Critical Care Bays
• One bay each: surgery/OR; general medicine and critical care; Ob/Gyn and neonatal room; emergency room
• Life-like full body mannequins to simulate wide variety of medical scenarios

Ultrasound Room
• Five ultrasound stations with a shared 70” plasma screen
• Ultrasoundable central line, vascu¬lar access and femoral line trainers

Seminar Room
• 70 seats with data access
• Equipped with audio-visual and wireless capabilities

Surgery Tech Lab
• 24/7 access for surgery trainees
• American College of Surgeons task training modules and models

Procedures Lab
• Divisible into two parts with seating for 120
• Task training practice sessions for procedures (e.g., suturing, phlebotomy, intubation, injections, IVs, lumbar punctures, casting)


Posted on 24-Feb-12 by Geier, Eric
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