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Medical Alumni Society Enriches Educational Experience through Student Funding 


​Over 50 students and groups receive support for service, research and global health projects.

Thanks to generous alumni and donors, the College of Medicine Annual Fund sponsored over 50 students for their community service, research and global health projects in the 2011-2012 academic year. Student interest groups and individuals alike are eligible to apply for funding each fall and spring for a 061512_AnnualFund_StudentProjects.jpgpiece of the $30,000 pie designated for student projects.

Funding was awarded to a diverse group of projects from global health fundraisers, like Ride for World Health, to student outreach like the Anatomy Memorial Service, to individual research and conference presentations.
The bi-annual student funding grants are designed to make an impact on medical education, the College of Medicine, and the community, by providing funding for student projects outside of the classroom. All 50 projects awarded with funding enrich student educational experience, and benefit many others in the process.

For example, PODEMOS (Partnership for Ongoing Development, Education, and Medical Outreach Solutions), a student organization that takes bi-annual medical trips to Honduras, used their funding to hire a nurse in country to extend the continuity of care. “This funding has made it possible for our organization to grow and begin to manage these patients chronically,” said Tim Voorhees, Med3. “Chronic care patients are seen in our clinic bi-annually and students are given the opportunity to discuss chronic care with returning trip leaders. Having personally been a part of this process, I feel very strongly that this is a fantastic opportunity to learn.”

Another service-oriented project, the Buckeye Blanket Bash, directly benefits cancer patients at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center by making personalized blankets and cards and delivering them at the bed side. "Our hope is that these blankets will provide the patients with comfort and strength during moments of hardship and will ultimately be an item that they can cherish for the rest of their lives,” said Med 3 and project coordinator Chris Esber. “This project has allowed me and all involved to have a direct impact on the lives of patients, and remind ourselves that a large part of medicine is taking care of the patient on a personal level.”

In addition to the 23 projects impacting medical students or the Greater Columbus community, the Medical Alumni Society supported 5 research projects, 22 conference presentations and 9 global health experiences. For a complete list of funded projects for the 2011-2012 academic year, please visit the Medical Alumni Society’s website.

If you'd like to contribute to the College of Medicine Annual Fund, which sponsors the Medical Alumni Society Grant program, you can give online today.  If you are interested in supporting a particular project, please contact the Medical Alumni Society at (614) 293-0571 or medalum@osumc.edu.


Posted on 18-Jun-12 by Rutan, Jessica
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