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Class of 2016 Begin Journey, Don Their White Coats 


On August 6th in Mershon Auditorium, 188 incoming students to the Ohio State College of Medicine experienced the moment a dream literally becomes reality.  With Associate Dean for Admissions, Dr. Quinn Capers, MD, reading their names from the lectern, each student walked onto the stage to receive their physician’s white laboratory coats and symbolically commence their entry into medicine.  Known as the White Coat Ceremony, this event seamlessly blends the unabashed pride that comes with being admitted into the College along with the serious truth of a future devoted to medicine in one memorable afternoon.

The pride these 188 new students feel is well-earned, as they are part of the College’s most highly qualified incoming class to date.  With among the highest MCAT composite scores and highest mean grade point average ever admitted as a single class, these students have inched the academic bar upwards from its already lofty height.  And yet it is their collective well-roundedness and interests beyond the academic that truly define the extraordinary potential of this group. 

The worldly wisdom they have gained outside the classroom will prove useful and in fact necessary – the Class of 2016 will be the first to learn under OSU’s new Lead.Serve.Inspire (LSI) curriculum.  LSI integrates basic science learned in the classroom with clinical science applied in the field.  This means students will be providing care in the field, at a free clinic, for example, unprecedentedly early in their studies.  Under the former curriculum model, a student might not care for her first patient until two years of classroom learning is complete.

In fact, the LSI curriculum was a significant reason Karin Miller applied to and will attend the College.  A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, Ms. Miller – who grew up a stone’s throw from the OSU campus in Worthington, OH – says, “The LSI curriculum was pretty influential in my decision because it offers early patient contact.  It’s great to come home and attend OSU at such an exciting time with the new curriculum.”

Another incoming student, Tamara Bendahan, shared Ms. Miller’s appreciation for the College’s leading edge approach embodied in the LSI model.  Ms. Bendahan, who is from California and received her undergraduate degree at UCLA, noted about the College, “The students were incredibly friendly, the faculty and staff seemed very caring, and the program from the new LSI curriculum to the brand new clinical training facilities were very impressive.”  While she accepts her white coat with an open mind, Ms. Bendahan has an inclination to one day apply her experiences gained at the College by providing medical care to underprivileged communities, both locally and abroad.

With students like Karin Miller and Tamara Bendahan as two of the 188 in the class of 2016, it’s obvious that this White Coat Ceremony indeed christened a special group into the College of Medicine.

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Posted on 8-Aug-12 by Geier, Eric
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