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Medical Alumni Awards Celebrate Buckeye Physician Achievements at 2012 Homecoming 


​College of Medicine alumni will be recognized for outstanding achievement and service to The Ohio State University at the 59th Annual Medical Alumni Reunion Weekend All-Class Dinner & Award Presentation on Friday, October 5, 2012. The Medical Alumni Society presents these awards to deserving alumni of the College of Medicine annually.

Each year, the Honors and Awards Committee of the Medical Alumni Society Board of Governors selects alumni who are making an impact on the medical profession and the Ohio State community. The 2012 awards will be no exception. Awards presented include the Alumni Achievement Award, the Early Career Achievement Award, and the Alumni Service Award.

Created in 1947, the Alumni Achievement Award is presented to an MD or resident alumnus in acknowledgement of distinguished career achievements, both in contributions to the practice of medicine and to society as a whole. This year the award is being given to Nelson Freimer, MD, and J. Craig Strafford, MD.
Dr. Freimer graduated from OSUCOM in 1982 and is currently a Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Science and the Director of the Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics at UCLA.  He also directs the Southern California Genotyping Consortium and the Biological Samples Processing Core, as well as the Postdoctoral Training Program in Neurobehavioral Genetics at UCLA.

strafford_craig.jpgDr. Strafford is a 1972 graduate of the College of Medicine and the secretary of the State Medical Board of Ohio.  A practicing Obstetrician Gynecologist of 37 years, he has served as National Vice President of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), President, VP, Treasurer/Secretary of ACOG District V, and as a member of several ACOG committees.

The Early Career Achievement Award is given to an alumnus who has made significant career contributions in the community, or scientific and academic achievements, before the age of 40. The 2012 recipients are David Hile, MD, and J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD.

Dr. Hile is Chief of Emergency Medicine for Madigan Army Healthcare System in Tacoma WA. He oversees nearly 200 employees and one of the top-rated Emergency Medicine residency programs in the country.  After graduating from OSUCOM in 2002 and training as a resident in one of three U.S. Army Emergency Medicine programs, at Ft. Hood TX, he was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in support Hile_David.jpgof the 28th CSH as an EM physician for 6 months.  Later he was deployed for another 6 month tour as a task force surgeon with the Special Forces command.

Dr. Olayiwola is a 2001 graduate of the College of Medicine and is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Community Health Center, Inc, Connecticut’s largest network of health centers, operating in over 160 locations in the state of Connecticut. She is the youngest person and first woman or minority to hold this position. She was appointed at the age of 31 in July 2008. She also maintains a clinical practiceDrOlayiwola.jpg
as a family physician for Community Health Center and serves as a clinician-preceptor for nurse practitioner residents in the country’s first and only residency program for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

The Alumni Service Award is presented to an alumnus who has displayed an extraordinary level of commitment and service to the College of Medicine of the Ohio State University medical Center. This year’s awardees are George Barnett, MD, and Maurice Mullet, MD.

barnett_george_w.jpgDr. Barnett has been a preceptor for the College of Medicine for the past 30 years, averaging 3-5 students per year and 4 students per year since the start of Ambulatory Clerkship in 1999. Dr. Barnett has received the Preceptor All Star Award, Ambulatory Care Clerkship Preceptor of the Year Award in appreciation of all of his support.  In addition, he is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine.

Maurice Mullet, MD, established an endowment to support a bi-annual alumni lecture series at OSU. He also hosts the Annual Mo Mullet Football Tailgate for students and alumni.  In addition, Dr. Mullet is a charter member of the Order of Hippocrates at the College of Mullet.jpgMedicine.  He was president of the OSU Medical Alumni Society Board of Governors from 1998 to 2000 and annually contributes OSU sporting event tickets to the Student Stress Relief Program. Outside of OSU, Dr. Mullet was Holmes County Health Commissioner from 1997 to 2005. He was has also past President of the Association of Ohio Health Commissioners and National Association of County Health Officials.  In recognition of his work, he has received the Excellence in Health Administration Award and the Centennial Award from the Ohio Department of Health.

Please join us in recognizing the accomplishments of these alumni and this year’s reunion classes. To register for the 59th Annual Medical Alumni Reunion Weekend All-Class Dinner & Award Presentation at 6:00PM on Friday, October 5, 2012, at the Sheraton on Capitol Square go to: http://go.osu.edu/medreunion.


Posted on 21-Aug-12 by Rutan, Jessica
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