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College Welcomes Elite Class of Biomedical Science Students 


studentBeaker.jpgThe OSU College of Medicine welcomes its most competitive class of Biomedical Science (BMS) students to date. An undergraduate major in the College, Ohio State’s BMS program includes coursework in the areas of laboratory techniques, social issues in medicine, healthcare policy, leadership, and advanced multidisciplinary studies such as cancer and immunology/ infectious disease.

In addition, there is a focus on involving students with the leading edge of biomedical research. Begun in 2005 and having graduated its first class in 2009, the BMS major ultimately seeks to put students in a position to enter a graduate program in medical research, medicine, dentistry, or any other area of healthcare.  
The BMS program competes for students with the likes of Notre Dame and the Ivy League schools.  Applications for 2012 increased 20% from last year, a trend that has generally repeated each year beginning in 2005.  This year’s incoming class boasts a collective grade point average of 3.91, an average composite ACT score of 32.3 and an average SAT score of 1363.  It is an elite group of entering freshman, and the applicant pool was the largest ever received by the College for entry into the BMS program.

Langston Hughes exemplifies the high caliber of student entering the program this year. A graduate of The Columbus Academy in Gahanna, OH, Langston was also accepted at Harvard, Columbia, Vanderbilt, The University of Florida, and Duke. When asked what influenced his decision to attend OSU, he said, “One of the major aspects of the BMS program that attracted me to OSU was the thought of bringing the small community feel to a big school. I was also attracted to the opportunities the program would provide, especially involving research, and how closely it seemed the program worked with the medical school.” After completing the BMS program, Langston plans to attend medical school and pursue a career in the medical field.

Dan “Max” Banaszak is another student who brings impressive credentials to the BMS program this fall.  A resident of upstate New York, Max also credits the tight-knit feeling of the program as well as the emphasis on research as key factors in his decision to attend OSU. “I chose the BMS major at OSU because it offered me a small community of people all striving for the same goal I am -- being involved in medicine, in the larger more diverse community of Ohio State. The research component of BMS also intrigued me as I can utilize the things I learn in the classroom to real life applications which I feel will enhance the learning experience for me.”


Posted on 27-Aug-12 by Geier, Eric
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