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MEDTAPP Health Care Access Initiative Encourages Medical Students to Serve Underserved Populations 


​Fostering innovative partnerships between the Office of Medical Assistance/Ohio Medicaid (OMA) and Ohio's academic medical centers and health sciences colleges and universities, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Mental Health, Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Board of Regents, the Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program (MEDTAPP) Healthcare Access Initiative (HCA) supports the development and retention of healthcare practitioners to serve Ohio’s Medicaid population using emerging healthcare delivery models and evidence-based practices. The MEDTAPP HCA was designed to align with established, successful programs and leverage existing resources to train and retain healthcare practitioners to serve Medicaid beneficiaries in the following areas: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Community Psychiatry with a Geriatric and/or Integrated Behavioral Health/ Primary Care Focus, Pediatrics, Family Practice, Advanced Practice Nursing, and Dentistry. The Ohio State University is one of nine Ohio-based universities participating in the MEDTAPP HCA. Selected students participating in the HCA Initiative will receive stipends for their medical school education in exchange for a three-year commitment to work in a high volume Medicaid site upon graduation. 

These stipends are comprised of 51% nonfederal dollars in participating institution matching funds (state government funds, private donations, etc.) and are matched dollar-for-dollar by federal Medicaid funds.  During the summer of 2012, the Ohio State University College of Medicine completed its largest allocation of MEDTAPP awards for its third and fourth year students.  Matt Flanigan, who received a $60,000 stipend to complete his medical school training noted, “Medical school debt is a significant financial commitment which raises concerns among many students regarding future reimbursement and the ability to repay loans. The MEDTAPP HCA Initiative support eases these concerns by providing financial incentive for students to participate.  Because my debt will be reduced, when I am out in the workforce, I will be able to focus on the care of Medicaid patients rather than how much I receive in return for medical services.”

Currently, 13 third-year students have been selected to receive a total of $390,000 in stipends and are anticipated to receive the same amount before commencing the last year of medical education. Upon graduation, these selected students will spend a minimum of three years practicing at a high volume Medicaid site.​


Posted on 7-Dec-12 by Geier, Eric
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