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The College of Medicine Orchestra Holds First Annual Concert 


​The first annual concert of the new College of Medicine Orchestra took place on December 11 in 160 Meiling Hall. The COM Orchestra began with the 2012 academic year and through weekly rehearsals, and the talent of many medical students, faculty and staff, is now an integral part of the Music in Medicine project. The new orchestra is led by Laura Hill from the OSU School of Music and organized through the efforts of medical students Katharine Collier and Corey Coles. 

The Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Charles Lockwood, was in attendance for the special event, saying, “I was incredibly impressed by the elegance and talent of our medical student musicians who played yesterday at our first College of Medicine Orchestra concert.” The hard work put in by students in the past weeks and months was apparent as they played a number of songs starting with “Themes from Scheherazade” and ending with an orchestral version of “Carmen Ohio.”

The orchestra practices each Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Meiling Hall. Anyone affiliated with the College of Medicine is welcome to join, and more than 50 people have already shown an interest. Two-dozen members played at the first concert, including Collier, whose played cello since she was 9 years old.

“A lot of us haven’t played since high school,” says Collier, a second-year medical student. “It’s great to get back into it. We joke around and have a lot of fun.”

Music in Medicine (MIM) is a branch of Humanism in Medicine that seeks to indulge the interests of those that have a vested passion in music. Whether an accomplished concert cellist or an avid shower singer, MIM only requires that one have a love of music and enjoy fellowship with those that share a similar passion. The new OSUCOM Orchestra was formed as a musical outlet for medical students. The group is open to any and all who would like to join. The orchestra has allowed many to realize that matriculating to medical school does not mean that they have to give up playing their instrument.​


Posted on 14-Dec-12 by Geier, Eric
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