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Women in Surgery: A Life in the Balance 

The Women in Surgery project was designed to trigger the interest of women to go into general surgery. In the next twenty years, general surgery specialties will face a significant shortage. If one examines all surgical specialties, there will be a 39% shortage by 2030. In general surgery there is predicted to be a 9% shortage.

The surgical field is traditionally a male-dominated world, but that is quickly changing. As one half of all medical school graduates are women, it is more important than ever to showcase the amazing women in the surgical field. Currently about 33% of applicants to general surgery programs are women. Of U.S. medical graduates entering surgery, about 40% are women. 

This video series shows that women can enter this rewarding field while maintaining a balanced life. The following vignettes show women that have succeeded professionally and personally through different journeys.

Associate Professor of Surgery
Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

The William Stewart Halsted Professor
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Legacy Health, Portland, OR

Posted on 22-Feb-13 by Geier, Eric
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