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Moving Toward Sustainable Health Care in Haiti

​Since 2006, Ohio State University physician and faculty member Howard Werman, MD, has been bringing emergency health care to Haiti, a nation designated as the poorest in the Americas and the third “hungriest” in the world. Dr. Werman’s most rece ...[Read More]
Published: Feb-25-14

Popovich Wins Award To Study Chronic Complications From Spinal Cord Injury

About 90% of patients who sustain an injury in the top half of the spinal cord develop autonomic dysreflexia, a chronic and potentially life-threatening condition characterized by high spikes in blood pressure. Although the condition can be managed, ...[Read More]

Students’ “Change for the Better” Campaign Helps Feed Columbus’ Hungry Children

Each year, Ohio State medical students choose a local charity to support by collecting change in an effort that is aptly named “Change for the Better.” This year, they chose to help the Children’s Hunger Alliance, a non-profit organization that work ...[Read More]
Published: Feb-17-14
Tags: Student Life

Compelling Research on Clinician Transition

​A study by Emily Patterson, PhD, assistant professor at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, looked at change-of-shift reporting as an activity that could adversely affect patient safety. One ...[Read More]
Published: Feb-07-14
Tags: Patient Care, Research, Education