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Procedural/High Fidelity Simulation Area

Located on the sixth floor of the Health Sciences Library, the Clinical Skills Education and Assessment Center is a procedural and high-fidelity simulation area that serves as a learning space for students, residents and other medical trainees from all fields of study to have the opportunity to practice a wide variety of procedures, from drawing blood to starting IVs to defibrillation to laparoscopies to codes to colonoscopies.

The sixth floor spaces are used by all four years of medical school, as well as by the hospital for residency programs, hospital staff and nursing, as well as other colleges, like Pharmacy, Dentistry and Human and Rehabilitation Sciences. All sessions and materials are free to medical students and residents.

Faculty run several established practice sessions in the lab for different rotations, but students are encouraged to initiate the opportunity to practice procedures. Many first-year students use the center to get their first hands-on experience and student-run interest groups can even organize sessions to be held in the lab. Furthermore, the staff recognizes the inflexibility of medical students' and residents' schedules so it is happy to accommodate different times.

In addition to the millions of dollars worth of simulators and supplies, the center also has video teleconferencing capabilities, where surgeries happening anywhere in the world can be shown live on plasma screen TVs. Medical trainees can watch from a bird's eye view of the surgery on one screen and from inside the patient on another, all while speaking the physicians performing the procedure. 

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