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GHE Report Guidelines

You may have read reports from past students that do not follow the below updated guidelines. Please use these guidelines for your report.

Each student is required to write a detailed report of their experience and send to the OGH program manager.

The GHE report includes three sections, the Global Health Rotation, the Global Health Objectives, and Photos. PowerPoint presentations are not permitted. 

The Global Health Rotation section must include a description of your responsibilities during the rotation, feedback on the site, positives and negative aspects, unique experiences or events, and an overall assessment of the rotation. It should also include advice relating to travel; e.g., language, money, safety, culture, work environment, and pictures. Pictures can be a separate file or incorporated into your report but the goal is to:

  • Create a visual story with pictures by capturing shots of preceptors, the clinic or hospital, patient services, student housing, and the local environment and culture.
  • Include captions that describe each picture.
  • Include a photo(s) of yourself engaged in patient care.

The travel summary serves as a how-to and what-not-to-do for future students and must also include contact information for preceptors or administrators at the site for the benefit of future students who might want to go there for their own rotation. Remember, the completed travel summary should be the document you wish you would have had before your rotation!

The Global Health Objectives section should review the objective that you chose for your rotation and should describe how you met that objective. Give specific examples of how what you learned relates to your objective(s) for the rotation. Provide a brief academic overview that includes a minimum of two citations (articles, books, papers, etc.) For example, if you chose Objective #1 Learning the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders unique to developing countries, you might focus your paper on malaria. Possible sources of information include: WHO, U.N. Millennium Development Goals, USAID, U.S. Global Health Policy, as well as scientific journals.

The paper should be a minimum of four-six pages not including photographs. Preferably two pages spent on the rotation section and the other two-three pages spent on the objectives section. Failure to comply with this expectation could result in an Unsatisfactory. Expect to spend 2-3 hours on this report as this is a significant component of successfully completing your rotation. Papers will be reviewed by a physician. If you have any questions about the academic paper please contact Pam Potter.