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Overview of GHE Application Process

The information below is only a summary. Please review the “Global Health Elective (GHE) Criteria & Requirements” to see the complete information and before submitting an application.



6+ Months Prior to Global Health Elective

Step 1: Choose an elective

  • The first step in setting up a GHE is to review the “Global Health Elective (GHE) Criteria & Requirements” and then choose an elective. Ideally this should begin at least six months ahead of time (more if possible). One way is by working with the OGH to arrange an elective at one of our affiliated institutions. The second is to work with an organization that arranges elective programs for medical students, The third way is arranging for an elective through a personal contact, e.g., a family friend is a physician in India.
  • Email Program Coordinator to schedule time to meet to discuss where you would like to go. 
  • The host site must be in a developing nation (lower, lower middle, or upper middle income). The World Bank provides a list of qualifying countries.

Step 2: Host Approval and Visa

  • The next step is initiating contact with the program or contact to find out how to apply (If you are going to an affiliated institution, you will work directly with the OGH). You will need an acceptance letter from the host institution/program to submit with the application.
  • Determine if you will need a visa. Depending on where you travel, your visa may require several months of lead time to obtain.

60+ Days Prior to Global Health Elective

Step 3: Global Health Elective Application

Coordinator will send instructions on how to complete the online application through the Office of International Affairs.

Step 4: Global Health Elective Approval

Within two weeks of submitting your application, you will be notified as to whether your request has been approved or not. If approved, you will be sent an e-mail containing instructions for completing the online Office of International Affairs (OIA) application. Funding will not be awarded until the outlined requirements are met.

  • Each student must complete an OIA application online and submit a fee of $150 by the dates outlined in the application deadline table. After you have completed your OIA application, you will be signed up for a supplemental health insurance policy and charged a fee per day based specific criteria for the duration of the GHE.

Step 5: Pre-travel Preparation

  • Each student must have a one-on-one session with the OGH program manager, which will include an explanation of the GHE requirements and site-specific tips on travel safety and cultural competency. This meeting can be set up once the student has been approved by the OGH for a GHE. Please contact Coordinator to schedule this meeting preferably after approval of OIA application approval.
  • Each student must complete the designated modules (please see "GHE Criteria and Requirements" for the specific modules needed) from the USAID Global Health eLearning Center and must submit a certificate of completion for each module prior to travel. USAID suggests that the modules will take from 7 to 12 hours in total to complete depending on the topic and your knowledge. Most students find it takes far less time than that.
  • The student is responsible for taking the preceptor evaluation form to the rotation and returning the evaluation to the OGH.

Step 6: Funding Deposit

Funding will be deposited once pre-travel requirements are completed. Your GHE funding will be posted via direct deposit. Please allow up to two weeks for this transaction to be posted after you have completed all pre-elective requirements. 

Step 7: Evaluation

The student is responsible for returning the preceptor evaluation to the OGH, who will then complete a grade card. Each student must complete a course and site evaluation on Vitals.

Step 8: Report

The student is required to write a detailed report of their experience and must submit to Coordinator via email. Photos should be submitted as a separate attachment.

Step 9: Final Grade

All requirements must be submitted within two weeks of completing the GHE or a grade of “Incomplete” will be posted to the student’s record. Requirements are due on the last day of the rotation, for rotation 12.