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Peptide Therapeutics and Cancer Vaccine Research

The main area of investigation in this lab is of procedures for active immunization against self- and non-self molecules as a means to treat cancer and infectious diseases. Led by Pravin Kaumaya, PhD, the lab has maintained continuous funding for vaccine development from the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health and Omnimmune Corporation, and recently received a permanent funding award from the Ohio Board of Regents for vaccine development and protein engineering.

Read more about our laboratory:

  • Faculty and Staff – associated scientists, collaborating faculty, graduate students and undergraduate and honors students
  • Executive Summary – information about patents, publications and recent publicity about VEGF, HER-2 and peptide vaccine research at Ohio State, plus related reading
  • Current Research Activities – Immunotherapies, HER-2 vaccine strategies, angiogenic therapy with VEGF and HER-2 peptide mimics, and more