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Mark T. Ziolo, PhD, FAHA

Associate Professor​

Contact Information

Phone: 614-688-7905
Email: ziolo.1@osu.edu


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
Post Doctoral, Loyola University

Research Interest

My research area is cardiovascular physiology. The focus of my research is how the nitroso-redox equilibrium modulates cardiac contractile function (mechanical and electrical) and heart structure. Nitric oxide (NO), produced via NO synthases, is tightly coordinated with other redox molecules (e.g., superoxide anion) to modulate heart function/structure. A key contributor to the contractile dysfunction and remodeling of many cardiomyopathies is nitroso-redox disequilibrium. The lab is currently investigating the therapeutic potential of a novel compound that restores the nitroso-redox equilibrium in various cardiomyopathies.



Roselle, IL