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International Funding

Funding Opportunities
Ohio State Investigators, there are new international funds that may support your laboratory. To compete for these funds for most case you will need the right international partner. I welcome you to attend H3C Health Sciences Innovation Conference to build such partnerships. As you will see from the links below (by the way, do not worry about the deadlines because these opportunities keep coming) , there are substantial US-India funding opportunities. Furthermore, we have a India Gateway. The research funding landscape is changing, in addition to extraordinary science, we need the right future-looking strategies. I welcome you to come on-board and get all the help you need. Welcome aboard H3C.
Chandan K. Sen, PhD
Director, CRMCBT
Professor and Vice Chair
(Research) of Surgery
Associate Dean
(Translational Research)
College of Medicine

1U.S.-India Bilateral Collaborative Research Partnerships (CRP) on Diabetes Research (R21)

2. India -US Bilateral Collaborative Research Partnerships (CRP) onDiabetes Research

3. United States-India Science & Technology Endowment Fund

4. United States - India Science and Technology ENDOWMENT FUND "Third Call for Executive Summary"

5. American India Foundation

6. Indo-US Collaborative Program on Low-Cost Medical Devices (R03)

7. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Activities in India

8. Indo-US Collaborative Program on Affordable Medical Devices (R03)

9Enhancing the Capacity for Biomedical Research on Tuberculosis for HIV-infected Mothers and Children in         India (R01)

10. Indo-U.S. Vaccine Action Program (VAP) Small Research Grant Program (R03)

11. ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Professorship in Microbiology

12. Blood Pressure Measurement Technologies for Low-Resource Settings in the U.S. and India (U01)

13. U.S. – India Bilateral Collaborative Research Partnerships (CRP) on the Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Co-morbidities (R21)

14. NIBIB Partners with India on Blood Pressure Initiative

15. National Science Foundation, Where Discoveries Begin

16. Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) – INDIA

17Industry, Technology and the Global Marketplace New High-Technology Exporters​