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May 15, 2012: CoE 2012 "Building Bridges" Excellence Award to Prof. Chandan K Sen 


May 15, 2012: CoE 2012 "Building Bridges" Excellence Award to Prof. Chandan K Sen
College of Engineering 2012 Building Bridges Excellence Award to Prof. Chandan K Sen.jpgThe “Building Bridges” Excellence Award for the College of Engineering was established in 2007 and consists of $1,500 along with an award. The award is presented each year to a non-COE faculty member at Ohio State University whose collaborative work with the College of Engineering has advanced the excellence, impact and reputation of both colleges and the University. The award will be presented at annual College of Engineering Faculty Awards Banquet.

The award will be made to an individual faculty member outside of the College of Engineering for demonstrated excellence and accomplishment in the development and implementation of collaborative activities and programs between their academic unit and the College of Engineering. Consideration will be given to how this collaboration advances excellence and impact in education, research, and/or outreach and engagement of both organizations.
College of Engineering Faculty and staff may make nominations. Please limit your nomination to two pages or less and provide supporting materials that are brief and concise, yet with sufficient information to permit a rational selection. The nominating letter should address the following:
•Describe the primary activity and accomplishment that supports consideration for the “Building Bridges”
Excellence Award.
•Explain how this activity and accomplishment promotes the achievement of excellence and impact in the College of Engineering and other organizations within the University.
Nominations should also include a citation of no more than 50 words, highlighting the reasons for the nomination; this citation will be used in the program if the nominee is selected for this award.
Selection Committee
The College Awards Committee will evaluate applicants and make a recommendation to the Dean of the College of Engineering, who will select one or more award recipients each year.


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