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Surgeons Perform World’s First Two Bioartificial Stem-cell Based Laryngotracheal Transplantations Using Nanofiber Solutions Scaffolds 


June 26, 2012:
Collaboration between Nanofiber Solutions and the Karolinska Institutet produces first synthetic laryngotracheal implants seeded with the patient’s stem cells to be successfully transplanted into human patients in Russia.  

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Nanofiber Solutions, LLC, an Ohio-based developer, manufacturer and marketer of 3-D synthetic scaffolds to advance basic research, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine announced today the first and second successful transplants of its tissue engineered laryngotracheal implants seeded with cells from the patients’ bone marrow.
The surgeries were performed June 19th and 21st at the Krasnodar Regional Hospital (Russia) by Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, Professor of Regenerative Surgery at the Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden), and colleagues.  Dr. Macchiarini led an international team that included Dr. Vladimir Porhanov, head of Oncological and Thoracic Surgery at Kuban State Medical University (Russia), Dr. Jed Johnson, Nanofiber Solution’s Chief Technology Officer who created the synthetic organs, Harvard Bioscience (Boston, USA) who produced the bioreactor, and Dr. Alessandra Bianco at University of Rome, Tor Vergata, who performed mechanical testing during scaffold development.
Both patients, a 33 year-old mother from St. Petersburg and a 28 year-old man from Rostov-on-Don, were in auto accidents and suffered from a narrowing of the laryngotracheal junction for which they already had failed previous surgeries. Transplantation was the last option for the patients to have normal quality of life. Immediately following transplantation, both patients were able to speak and breathe normally.
Nanofiber Solutions, lead by Dr. Johnson, designed and built the nanofiber laryngotracheal scaffolds specifically to match the dimensions of each patient’s natural larynx and trachea, while Harvard Bioscience provided a bioreactor used to seed the scaffold with the patients’ own stem cells.  Although this procedure represents the world’s first and second successful use of synthetic laryngotracheal implants, it is Nanofiber Solution’s second and third successful organ implants using their synthetic scaffolds within the last year.
Nanofiber Solutions’ scaffolds mimic the body’s physical structure and allow for a more successful seeding, growth and differentiation of stem cells.  Because the cells used to regenerate the larynx and trachea were the patients’ own, doctors report there has been no rejection of the transplants and the patients are not taking immunosuppressive drugs.  These are the first patients entering a clinical trial on regenerative medicine replacement, which is supported by a Megagrant of the Government of the Russian Federation, designed to invite leading worldwide scientists to Russian universities.
"We are proud to work side-by-side with Dr. Macchiarini and his team as they help define this new world of stem cell seeded synthetic transplants.” said Ross Kayuha, Nanofiber Solutions CEO. 
“Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are exciting fields that hold much promise for effective medical solutions,” continued Kayuha. “Our nanofiber scaffolds provide an innovative and ideal platform to create an array of new clinical solutions.  In the hands of pioneering surgeons like Dr. Macchiarini the possibilities are almost limitless.  We wish the patients continued success as they recover and hope they enjoy long, happy lives with their families.”
These historic accomplishments continue a major breakthrough in medicine, namely the ability to produce synthetic nanofiber-based organs.  These surgeries are also at the forefront of two major trends in medicine today.  The first is tissue engineering, or the use of artificial scaffolds in the body, and the second is regenerative medicine, including the use of a patient’s own stem cells to increase the likelihood of a scaffold’s acceptance and success. 
About Nanofiber Solutions, LLC (www.nanofibersolutions.com)
Based on a technology licensed through The Ohio State University, Nanofiber Solutions is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of 3-D products to advance life science research, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.  The company develops nanofiber-based scaffolds used in products ranging from cell culture plates for lab research to bioartificial implants for clinical use.  Nanofiber Solutions sells our cell culture products worldwide through our website and distribution partners; including Sigma-Aldrich (worldwide), Neuromics (US), Akron Biotech (US), and Cambridge BioScience (UK).  Nanofiber Solutions is located in the TechColumbus center in Columbus, OH.


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