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Oklahoma anti-stem cell research amendment dropped 


Oklahoma anti-stem cell research amendment dropped
Editor’s note: It’s a tale of two states. Minnesota joins the ranks of proactive states by funding $50 million in seed funding for stem cell research. Proponents of the funding believe that Minnesota’s commitment positions the state to compete for venture capital and philanthropic gifts.
In contrast, Oklahoma is wrestling with two pieces of proposed legislation that would criminalize human embryonic stem cell research (hESCR). At the very last minute, the anti-hESCR provisos were stripped from a bill that impacted access to abortions.  The Senate sponsor was concerned that the tacked- on amendment might render the bill unconstitutional. He proclaimed that he still opposes embryonic stem cell research. The final word has yet to be written in Oklahoma. The Stem Cell Action Coalition and Oklahoma State Medical Association actively opposed the amendment. 


Posted on 27-May-14 by Murphy, Elizabeth
Tags: Science and Industry News
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