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Ohio State Surgeons Implant Knee Cartilage Grown From Patient's Own Cells 



There could soon be a new way to ease knee pain. It sounds like something out of science fiction but a report released Wednesday, August 19, from the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center said people may soon be able to fix an injured knee by growing new cartilage for it in a lab. A team there was actually testing a new way to repair damaged cartilage in the knee. It involved taking cells from another part of the body and sending them to a lab which grew a new piece of tissue from it. That tissue then, which was about the size of a quarter, resulted in living cartilage. Researchers at Ohio State tested what happens if people then size it, cut it, and us a special adhesive to glue it to the part of the knee that was damaged. Dr. David Flanigan was quoted.



Posted on 25-Aug-15 by Berry, Cassie
Tags: OSU Regenerative Medicine News
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