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Bharat Bhushan, PhD, MBA

Bharat Bhushan, PhD, MBA
Ohio Eminent Scholar and The Howard D. Winbigler Professor
Director, Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics (NLB2)
Phone number: (614) 292-0651
Email: bhushan.2@osu.edu

The goal of this project is to use atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques to characterize nanostructured biomaterial surfaces composed of block copolymers. These biomaterials are capable of modulating the adhesion and conformation of adsorbed proteins, thereby optimizing cellular adhesion behavior. The biomaterial-cell interface is governed by the types and conformations of proteins deposited on the biomaterials surface upon implantation.  The protein behavior is in turn governed by the morphology and chemistry of the biomaterial surface. Block copolymers are capable of generating a diversity of nanostructured surfaces by synthetically manipulating blocks of known biocompatible polymers.  This tunability of the block copolymer surface morphology can be exploited to control stem cell differentiation in the development of novel cell-based therapies.
The Bhushan lab has the expertise on advanced AFM methods as applied to the study of nanomorphology and nanomechanical properties of biomaterials and biomolecules. In this project, we are collaborating with Prof. Scott Schricker at the College of Dentistry who has significant expertise on numerous aspects of synthetic polymer chemistry and biomaterials science.
Team Members
Dr. Manuel Palacio, Research Assistant
Dr. Stephanie Daniels, Visiting Scientist
Dr. Shrikant Nagpure, Visiting Scientist
Gregory Bixler, Graduate Research Assistant
Daniel Ebert, Graduate Research Assistant
Dave Maharaj, Graduate Research Assistant
Sanjay Ramdon, Graduate Research Assistant
Jason Utter, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Interests
Bio/nanomaterials characterization
Selected Publications
Bhushan, B., Tokachichu, D. R., Keener, M. T., and Lee, S. C., “Morphology and adhesion of biomolecules on silicon based surfaces,” Acta Biomater., 2005:1:327-341.

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