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Nicanor I. Moldovan, PhD

Nicanor I. Moldovan, PhD
Research Associate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Investigator, Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute
Phone number: (614) 247-7801
Email: Nicanor.Moldovan@osumc.edu

Dr. Moldovan’s lab is developing the following projects in the field of Regenerative Medicine, in collaboration with biologists, engineers and physicians: A) Identification and characterization of circulating progenitor cells using Systems Biology principles (“Repairome”) and cytomics (single-cell level) methods, for diagnostic and prognostic purposes. B) Tissue engineering of peri-implant space using stem/progenitor cells and fibrous synthetic scaffolds, for the control of foreign body reaction; C) Modeling of cellular robustness using experimental methods and computational stochastic mechanics, for cell therapy applications.
Research Interests
Detection of stem/progenitor cells, neovascularization, tissue engineering, cell therapy, endothelial biology, cellular biomechanics, computer modeling
Recent Publications
Jain H., Moldovan N. I., Byrne, H. Modeling stem/progenitor cell-induced neovascularization and oxygenation around solid implants, Tissue Engineering (Part C), (2012, in press)

Guan J, Wang F, Li Z, Chen J, Guo X, Liao J, Moldovan NI. Stimulation of cardiac differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in tissue constructs that mimic myocardial structure and biomechanics. Biomaterials. 2011, 32:5568-80.

Lenormand G, Millet E, Park CY, Hardin CC, Butler JP, Moldovan NI, Fredberg JJ. Dynamics of the cytoskeleton: how much does water matter? Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2011, 83:061918.
Moldovan NI. Regenerative medicine: the promises and perils of a Promethean task. J Cell Mol Med. 2010, 14:2189.

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Butt OI, Carruth R, Kutala VK, Kuppusamy P, Moldovan NI. Stimulation of peri-implant vascularization with bone marrow-derived progenitor cells: monitoring by in vivo EPR oximetry. Tissue Eng. 2007, 13:2053-61.

Anghelina M, Moldovan L, Zabuawala T, Ostrowski MC, Moldovan NI. A subpopulation of peritoneal macrophages form capillary-like lumens and branching patterns in vitro.  J Cell Mol Med. 2006, 10:708-15.

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