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Philip G. Popovich, PhD

Phillip G. Popovich, PhD
Professor, Department of Neuroscience
Phone number: (613) 688-8576
Email: phillip.popovich.@osumc.edu

We are working to improve the lives of individuals with brain or spinal cord injuries through collaboration and innovation in research, rehabilitation and clinical sciences. Ongoing collaborative projects exist between basic and clinical science faculty with an emphasis on understanding mechanisms of neuroprotection, neural/glialprogenitor cell biology, axon regeneration, neuroinflammation and rehabilitation of motor/sensory function.
Team Members
Dana McTigue, Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience
Michele Basso, Professor, Allied Medicine
Michel Torbey, Professor, Neurology and Neurological Surgery
David Pitt, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology
Jon Godbout, Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience
Frank Farhadi, Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery
Lyn Jakeman, Associate Professor, Physiology & Cell Biology
John Buford, Professor, Allied Medicine
Phillip Popovich, Professor, Department of Neuroscience
Research Interests
Neuroimmunology of spinal cord injury, immunological influences on neuronal degeneration and regeneration, neuroendocrine influences (e.g., stress/HPA axis activation) on inflammatory mediated injury/repair of the CNS
Selected Publications 
Jones, T.B., Basso, D.M., Sodhi, A., Pan, J.Z., Hart, Hart, R.P., MacCallum, R.C., Lee, S., Whitacre, C.C., POPOVICH, P.G. Pathological central nervous system autoimmune disease is triggered by traumatic spinal cord injury: implications for autoimmune vaccine therapy, J. Neuroscience, 22: 2690-2700, 2002. PMID:11923434 

Jones, T.B., Ankeny, D.P., Guan, Z., McGaughy, V., Fisher, L., Basso, D.M., POPOVICH, P.G. Passive or active immunization with myelin basic protein impairs neurological function and exacerbates neuropathology after spinal cord injury in rats. J. Neurosci., 24(15) 3752-3761, 2004. PMID:15084655

Kigerl, K.A., Rivest, S. Hart, R.P., Satoskar, A.R., POPOVICH, P.G. Toll-like receptor (TLR)-2 and TLR-4 regulate inflammation, gliosis, and myelin sparing after spinal cord injury, J. Neurochemistry, 102(1):37-50, 2007. PMID:17403033 

Lucin, K.M., Sanders, V.M., Jones, T.B., Malarkey, W.B., POPOVICH, P.G. Impaired antibody synthesis after spinal cord injury is level-dependent and is due to sympathetic nervous system dysregulation, Experimental Neurology, 207(1):74-84, 2007. PMID:17597612 PMC:2023967

POPOVICH, P.G. and Longbrake, E. E. Can the immune system be harnessed to repair the CNS? Nature Rev. Neurosci., 9:481-493, 2008. PMID:18490917

Gensel, J.C., Nakamura, S., Guan, Z., Ankeny, D.P. and POPOVICH, P.G. Macrophages simultaneously promote neurotoxicity and axon regeneration in the adult central nervous system., J. Neuroscience, 29(12):3956-68 2009. PMID:19321792 PMC:2693768

POPOVICH, P.G. and McTigue, D.M. Beware the immune system in spinal cord injury (Bedside to Bench). Nature Med.,15(7) 736-37, 2009

Ankeny, D.P., Guan, Z. and POPOVICH, P.G. B cells produce pathogenic antibodies and impair recovery after spinal cord injury in mice, J. Clin. Invest., 119(10):2909-9, 2009. PMID:19770513 PMC:2752085

Kigerl, K.A., Gensel, J.C., Ankeny, D.P., Alexander, J.A. Donnelly, D.J. and POPOVICH, P.G. Identification of two distinct macrophage subsets with divergent effects causing either neurotoxicity or regeneration in the injured mouse spinal cord, J. Neurosci., 29(43):13435-44, 2009. PMID:19864556 PMC:2788152

Awad, H., Ankeny, D.P., Guan, Z., Wei, P. and POPOVICH, P.G. A model of delayed ischemic spinal cord injury induced by aortic occlusion in the mouse, Anesthesiology, 113(4):880-91, 2010. PMID:20808212