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Mingjun Zhang, PhD, DSc

College of Engineering
Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute
Email: zhang.4882@osu.edu
Tel: 614-292-1591
Research Interests:
Biologically derived and inspired nanoadhesive.
Biologically derived and inspired nanoparticles.
Single cell nanomechanics, dynamics and control.
Team members:
Dr. Yongzhong Wang, Research Staff and Lab Manager.
Ben Reese, Graduate Research Assistant.
Yujian Huang, Graduate Research Assistant.
Leming Sun, Graduate Research Assistant.
Xinghua Jia, Graduate Research Assistant.
Stefan Nwandu-Vincent, Graduate Research Assistant.
Zongyao Chen, Graduate Research Assistant.
Project description:
A fundamental question to be addressed in our lab is how we can learn from biological systems in nature, especially in micro/nano-scale, to engineer biocompatible nanomaterials, and to develop devices and systems for interfacing with molecular and cellular systems for therapeutics and tissue engineering. In one direction, we study the unique micro/nano-scale properties of biological materials and cells by employing a nanoinstrumentation and mathematical modeling integrated platform. This will also help us to understand molecular mechanisms of diseases in cellular level. In another direction, we are engineering novel bionanomaterials and devices inspired by details of the properties of micro/nano-scale biological systems to be integrated with living systems.
We have discovered and derived several naturally occurring nanoparticles and adhesives, including ivy nanoparticles, fungus nanoparticles, tea nanoparticles, sundew nano-scaffolds, ivy and sundew adhesives. Through understanding molecular mechanisms of these nanomaterials, we are developing bio-inspired nanoparticles and nanoadhesives for drug delivery, wound healing, tissue engineering and cancer therapy. We have also made several original contributions for understanding the unique propulsion mechanisms of microorganisms, including giardia, t. foetus and whirligig beetles, and quantitatively described dynamics of multi-flagellated propulsion of single cells. The above basic science and engineering research provides us knowledge foundation to create nanoparticle-based systems with flagella-enabled propulsion (nanorobots) to interface with molecular and cellular systems for actively cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine.
Our long-term goal is to develop smart, adaptive bionanomaterials, and soft, self-regulated micro/nano-devices for applications in cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine.
Selected publications: 
1). Zhang M, Lenaghan S, Xia L, Dong L, He W, Henson W, Fan X. Nanofibers and nanoparticles from the insect-capturing adhesive of the Sundew (Drosera) for cell attachment, Journal of Nanobiotechnology. 2010 Oct; 8:20.
2). Lenaghan S, Serpersu K, Xia L, He W, Zhang M. Naturally occurring nanomaterial from the Sundew (Drosera) for tissue engineering. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics. 2011, May; 6, 046009.
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10). Xu Z, Lenaghan SL, Reese B, Jia X, Zhang M. Experimental Studies and Dynamics Modeling Analysis of the Swimming and Diving of Whirligig Beetles (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae). PLoS Computational Biology. 2012.