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Alok Sutradhar, PhD

Alok Sutradhar, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery,
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
Ohio State University
Phone: (614) 293-7655
Email: alok.sutradhar@osumc.edu

Topological Optimization Methods for Designing Patient-Specific Large Craniofacial Segmental Bone Replacements (National Science Foundation):
The objective of this project is to apply topological optimization methods to create feasible bone replacement forms for large segmental defects in craniofacial reconstruction. Restoring normal function and appearance after massive facial injuries due to blast or tumor removal with bone loss still remains an important unresolved problem in craniofacial reconstruction surgery. The current methods are heuristic in nature and ad hoc design of bone replacements is done by the operating surgeon at the time of surgery. Within a given space defined by the wound, bone replacements have to be designed to meet structural functions, to maintain permanently a specific three-dimensional shape, and to support soft tissues and prosthetic appliances. A multi-level topological optimized method will be applied and tailored to create new bone replacement forms that not only meet requirements for load-bearing, but also position tissue elements in the proper locations in space to support soft tissues and prosthetic appliances. The integration of the replacement forms in the deformity regions and validation of the feasibility of using the tailored craniofacial design shapes will be carried out. The research project is a synergy of tissue engineering research, clinical surgery and computational mechanics.
Team Members
Hyo Joo Bang (PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Jaejong Park   (PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Dana Carrau    (Medical Student)
Kathlyn Brandstetter (Medical Student)
Research Interests
Computational Biomechanics and Patients-specific Simulation
Design of Segmental Bone Replacement using Topology Optimization
ii)  Bone Tissue Engineering
iii) Computational Reconstructive Surgery,
Computational Oncology
Selected Publications
A. Sutradhar, G. H. Paulino, MJ Miller, T. Nguyen. “Topological optimization for designing large craniofacial segmental bone replacement”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 107(30):13222-13227, 2010.

A. Matzavinos, C-Y Kao, J. E. F. Green, A. Sutradhar, M. J. Miller, A Friedman, Modeling Oxygen transport in surgical tissue transfer, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 106:12091-12096. 2009

A. Sutradhar and M.J. Miller, A Patient-Specific 3D Biomechanical Model For Predicting Outcome Of Breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery, International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 3 (Suppl 1):S232–S315, 2008

Symmetric Galerkin Boundary Element Method,”  by  A. Sutradhar, G. H. Paulino and L.
J. Gray,  Springer-Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-540-68770-2, 2008  http://www.springer.com/978-3-540-68770-2

Y-S Chan, G. H. Paulino, F. Feng, A. Sutradhar, “Dependence of Crack Tip Singularity on Loading  Functions”, Mechanics Research Communications, 37:191‐197, 2010.