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Do-Gyoon Kim, PhD

Do-Gyoon Kim, PhD
Associate Professor, Orthodontics
Phone: (614) 247-8089
Email: kim.2508@osu.edu
My current research topics include viscoelastic behavior of cortical bone using nanoindentation at the nano level and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) at the macro-level, bone mineralization analysis using micro-CT and clinical cone beam CT (CBCT). My research includes the elastic, viscoelastic, and fracture mechanical testing, the utilization of imaging technique, micro-CT, CBCT, DMA and nanoindentation of bone at bone-implant interface, bone-scaffold constructs, and disease.
Team Members
Cell therapy with a scaffold:
Binnaz Leblebicioglu, DDS, MS, PhD, Associate Professor, Periodontology, The Ohio State University
Hiranmoy Das, PhD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, The Ohio State University
Daniel S. Oh, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center
Bone analysis:
Richard T. Hart, PhD, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Ohio State University
Sudha Agarwal, PhD, Professor, Oral Biology, The Ohio State University

Research Interests
Mechanobiology of bone
Viscoelastic mechanics of bone
Mechanics of orthodontic tooth movement
Degenerative joint disease
Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions (macro-, micro- and nano-levels)
Bone Tissue Engineering
Computational Biomechanics
Selected Publications    
Kim, D-G., Navalgund, A., Tee, B., Noble, G.J., Hart, R.T., Lee, H.R., “Role of Tissue Mineral Density Distribution in Determining Prolonged Deformation of a Vertebral Body,” Bone, 51:868-875, 2012
Kim, D-G., Huja, S.S., Navalgund, A., D’Atri, A., Tee, B., Reeder, S., Lee, H.R., “Effect of Estrogen Deficiency on Regional Variation of a Viscoelastic Tissue Property of Bone.” Journal of Biomechanics, Oct 2012 (in press)
Kennedy, K.S., Jones, E.M., Kim, D-G., McGlumphy, E.A., Clelland, N.L., "A prospective clinical study to evaluate early success of short implants," The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants. (Jul 2012): in press
Taylor, T.T., Gans, S.I., Jones, E.M., Firestone, A.R., Johnston, W.M., Kim, D-G., "Comparison of micro-CT and cone-beam CT based assessments for relative difference of gray level distribution in a human mandible," Dentomaxillofacial Radiology, (Jul 2012) in press
Kim, D-G., Shertok, D., Tee, B-C, and Yeni, Y.N, “Variability of Tissue Mineral Density Can Determine Physiological Creep of Human Vertebral Cancellous Bone,”, Journal of Biomechanics, 44(9):1660-5, 2011
Kim, D-G., Huja, S.S., Lee, H.R., Tee, B.C., Hueni, S., “Relationships of viscosity with contact hardness and modulus of bone matrix measured by nanoindentation,”, ASME, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 132(2):024502:1-5, 2010
Ames, M.S., Hong, S., Lee, H.R., Fields, H.W., Johnston, W.M., Kim, D-G., “Estrogen Deficiency Increases Variability of Tissue Mineral Density of Alveolar Bone Surrounding Teeth,” Archives of Oral Biology, 55:599-605, 2010
Kim, D-G., Brunski, J. B., and Nicolella, D. P, “Microstrain fields for cortical bone in uniaxial tension: optical analysis method.” Proc Instn Mech Engrs [H], Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 219(2):119-128, 2005
Kim, D-G., Christopherson, G. T., Dong, X. N., Fyhrie, D. P. and Yeni, Y. N., “The effect of microcomputed tomography scanning and reconstruction voxel-size on the accuracy of stereological measurements in human cancellous bone,” Bone, 35(6):1375-1382, 2004
Kim, D-G., Miller, M. A., and Mann, K. A., “A fatigue damage model for cement-bone interface,” Journal of Biomechanics, 37(10): 1505-1512, 2004