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Peter Martin Anderson, PhD

Peter Martin Anderson, PhD
Professor, Materials Science Engineering
Phone: (614) 292-0176
Email: anderson.1@osu.edu

A multidisciplinary team spanning three academic departments is proposed to enhance both the intellectual merit and broader impacts of engineered heart tissue research at The Ohio State University. The intellectual merit is to understand how the material design of 3D fiber scaffolds, coupled with cells that can secrete collagen with tunable properties, can be used to direct stem cell differentiation into heart cells. A structured set of key aims will demonstrate the ability of 3D fiber arrays to regulate differentiation, and then correlate this differentiation with the material properties of the collagen matrix and the material design of the fiber scaffold. This effort draws on recent developments of how 2D material environments affect cell differentiation, by expanding to 3D fibrous structures that are inherent in heart tissue. The broader impacts are to support two graduate students in a unique educational setting not available in a single academic setting. It will identify and strengthen a multidisciplinary team for future block grant funding not currently available to OSU researchers, and foster new interaction between the medical and physical sciences at OSU.
Team Members
Yanyi Xu, Graduate Research Associate
Harshad Pranjape, Graduate Research Associate
Research Interests
Tissue scaffolds
Mechanical properties
Finite element simulations
Fiber stiffness
Extracellular matrix
Selected Publications
Ebersole GC, Anderson PM, Powell HM. Influence of scaffold hydration on fiber geometry and extension force. in preparation (Jan. 2012).

Ebersole GC, Anderson PM, Powell HM, “Epidermal differentiation governs skin mechanics”, J. Biomechanics, 2010 Dec;43(16):3183-90.