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Samir N. Ghadiali, PhD, MS

Samir N. Ghadiali, PhD, MS
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor, Pulm,Allergy,Crit Care & Sleep
Phone number: (614) 292-7742
Email: ghadiali.1@osu.edu

The goal of Dr. Ghadiali's laboratory is to understand how biomechanical forces at multiple length scales, including the molecular, cellular and organ levels, contribute to the pathophysiology of various respiratory and lung disorders. Dr. Ghadiali's lab utilizes a sophisticated combination of techniques from biology, engineering and mathematics to understand the mechanotransduction processes responsible for a) cellular injury and inflammation during mechanical ventilation, b) epithelial cell migration during wound repair and c) cancer metastasis. His lab is also using these techniques to develop novel therapies for respiratory disorders such as acute lung injury and pulmonary fibrosis.

Dr. Ghadiali’s lab has several cell and molecular scale characterization tools that can monitor live cell migration and tissue repair, biomechanical changes in cellular structure and inflammatory responses to complex mechanical stimulation. In addition to conducting in-vitro and in-vivo experiments, Dr. Ghadiali's laboratory also develops multi-scale, imaged-based computational models of the respiratory system. These quantitative models of respiratory physiology are being used to interpret counter-intuitive experimental data, suggest new avenues of investigation and develop novel patient-specific therapies.
Team Members
Vasudha Chaurey – Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Xiaodong Chen – PhD graduate student
Natalia Higuita-Castro – PhD graduate student (HHMI fellow, AHA fellow)
Rachel Zielinksi – PhD graduate student (HHMI fellow, Pelotonia fellow)
Maureen Weber - PhD graduate student
Leo Volakis - PhD graduate student
Angel Suresh - PhD graduate student
Jill Sander – BS undergraduate student
Research Interests
Cellular mechanics and mechanobiology of lung disease
Biomechanical mechanisms of cell migration and wound repair
Biomechanical mechanisms of cancer metastasis
MicroRNA control of lung inflammation
In-vitro modeling of extracellular matrix
Computational modeling of cell migration during wound healing
Selected Publications
Sheer, F.J., Swarts, J.D., Ghadiali, S.N., Three-dimensional finite element analysis of Eustachian tube function under normal and pathological conditions, Medical Engineering & Physics, in press, 2011.

Mihai C., Bao, S., Lai, J.P., Ghadiali, S.N., Knoell, D.L., PTEN inhibition improves wound healing in lung epithelia through changes in cellular mechanics that enhance migration, American Journal of Physiology: Lung Cell and Molecular Physiology, in press, 2011. doi:10.1152/ajplung.00037.2011.

Huang, Y., Crawford, M., Higuita-Castro, N., *Nana-Sinkam, P., *Ghadiali, S.N., MiR-146a Regulates Mechanotransduction and Pressure-Induced Inflammation in Small Airway Epithelium, FASEB Journal, in review, 2011.

Ghadiali, S.N., Huang, Y., The role of airway recruitment and derecruitment in lung injury, Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, 39(4): 297-318, 2011.

Mengistu, M., Brotzman, H., Ghadiali, S.N., Lowe-Krentz, L., Fluid Shear Stress-Induced JNK Activity Leads to Actin Remodeling for Cell Alignment, Journal of Cell Physiology, 226(1): 110-121, 2011.

Huang, Y., Haas, C., Ghadiali, S.N., Influence of Transmural Pressure and Cytoskeletal Structure on NF-κB Activation in Respiratory Epithelial Cells, Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 3(4): 415-427, 2010.

Dailey, H.L., Ghadiali, S.N., Influence of Power Law Rheology on Cell Injury During Microbubble Flows, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, 9(3): 263-79, 2010. PMID: 19865840

*Yalcin, H.C., *Hallow, K.M., Wang, J., Ou-Yang, H.D., Ghadiali, S.N., Influence of Cytoskeletal Structure and Mechanics on Epithelial Cell Injury during Cyclic Airway Reopening, American Journal of Physiology: Lung Cell and Molecular Physiology, 297: L881-L891, 2009. *equal contributions

Ghadiali, S.N. & Gaver, D.P., Biomechanics of Liquid-Epithelium Interactions in Pulmonary Airways, Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 163: 232-243, 2008. (invited review for special issue on Respiratory Biomechanics)

Wei, M.T., Zaorski, A., Yalcin, H.C., Wang, J., Hallow, M., Ghadiali, S.N., Chiou, A., Ou-Yang, H.D., A Comparative Study of Living Cell Micromechanical Properties by Oscillatory Optical Tweezers, Optics Express, 16: 8594-8603, 2008.