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Export Control

Export control refers to the complex network of interrelated regulations governing the transfer of restricted information, technology, software and commodities out of the U.S. by any means, including transfer of certain information to foreign nationals in the U.S. The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) is responsible for providing training and guidance to the Ohio State research community to prevent unauthorized transfer across national borders. ORC also oversees the Export Control Committee.

Most transfers between Ohio State personnel and foreign scholars do not require export licenses. Given that the penalties for violating export control law are significant, however, it is prudent for researchers to work with ORC if foreign work or travel is contemplated, even travel overseas with a laptop or a smart phone. Examples of restricted research pertinent to biomedical research include research in select agents and toxins, medical lasers and high performance computing.

If proposed research involves a subcontract, consulting agreement, travel outside the U.S., or transfer of items or information to foreign collaborators, check "Export Control" on the e-PA005. This action will notify ORC to contact the investigator to evaluate the need for export licenses.