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Appointing Personnel

Personnel appointments to a project must be made in a timely manner, which requires investigators or grants administrators to communicate regularly with the human resources professionals who enter appointment data into the human resources system.

In addition to standard employees, it is sometimes necessary to appoint postdoctoral or graduate students as fellows. The College of Medicine's Office of Postdoctoral Programs has a guide for determining how to classify these trainees and appoint them correctly.

It is good practice to review the appointments of the personnel on projects on a monthly basis to ensure that the appointments reflect the efforts of the individuals working on projects. Any required changes should be made as quickly as possible to minimize the administrative effort required of both the principal investigator and the administrative staff. 

When making any of these required changes to previous pay periods, be sure to fully and appropriately respond to the required questions in the forms. Expense transfers that are poorly justified could lead to disallowed expenses.

Review the College of Medicine Office of Research's presentation on project appointments.