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Cost Share

Cost share may be expected by the sponsor because the sponsor either requires it or because the principal investigator included it in the proposal.

To post non-personnel costs to a project as cost share, provide to the purchaser the source of the funds to pay for the item and the project number to which the cost will be cost shared.

To personnel to a project as cost share, the human resources professional needs to know which Ohio State fund will pay for the individual's effort and the project to which the effort will be cost shared. When an appointment is correctly entered as cost share, that appointment will appear on the personnel page in the PI Portal in a table below the "Sponsor Cost" table.

Third party cost share are costs provided by an entity other than Ohio State. Cost share by a subcontractor, for instance, is third party cost share.

  • Third party cost share must be documented in a written manner. This documentation is kept by the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • When cost sharing the appointment of a clinician with a portion of salary provided by a practice plan and who has not transitioned to the OSU Faculty Practice, the practice plan portion is third party cost share. The practice plan's administrator must provide written documentation of the amount of the practice plan that is cost share.