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Funding and Grants

Funding and Grants  

Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities are available from external sponsors (like the National Institutes of Health) and internally funded programs. Some externally funded programs place limitations on the number of applications submitted by investigators at an institution; these limited submission funding opportunities are often highly prestigious.

Proposal Preparation

Preparation of a successful proposal requires not only a strong research plan, but also in many cases descriptions of the environment in which the work will take place, robust compliance plans, a realistic budget, and enthusiastic written support from colleagues and leaders. The individuals, departments, and colleges involved with the work also are required to review and approve of the submission of the proposal.

Grant writers, especially those new to grant writing, may find helpful information in Research Development & Grant Writing News, a newsletter to which the OSU Office of Research subscribes. OSU login is required to access the newsletter.

Large, complex proposals involving many faculty, multiple research projects, cores, and multiple departments or colleges can be difficult to manage. Contact your grants manager for assistance.

Research Trainee Funding

Award Stage

After a proposal is funded and the award or contract negotiated by the Office of Sponsored Programs, OSP generates one or more project numbers against which expenses may be charged. An email notice with project information is sent to the principle investigator, the co-investigators, and the chairs and deans of all the involved departments and colleges.